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FUNDAY is an innovative English language teaching program for children from 5 to 12 years of age.
The interactive teaching methodology aims to develop the ability of children to communicate fluently in English, in a positive way, without stress and tension, with the help of art, sport and free communication.

That’s why we rely on:

Interactive methodology

With FUNDAY, children advance in English without learning systems, notebooks and homework. The lessons are held by the most up-to-date interactive methodology, with the help of multimedia and in the form of virtual adventures, various experiments and project work.

Teachers from the United Kingdom and United States of America

Native speakers who motivate and predispose the children of FUNDAY to relax and communicate fluently in English.

Art workshops

In art workshops, we teach the techniques of: drawing on silk, furriery, pottery, decoupage, floristics, comics, origami, quilling, etc. We encourage the creative work and creativity of children.


Numerous unusual, varied and dynamic sports like: fencing, orientation, lacrosse, horseback riding, mini golf, climbing, Kangoo Jumps and others.


For every Saturday the program takes place under the sign of the Topic of the Week. During lessons on the Topic of the Week, children learn a variety of encyclopaedic knowledge and enrich their vocabulary in English. Every Saturday they practice countless new, dynamic and non-traditional sports and learn new techniques, trying numerous creative art workshops.
The five lessons every Saturday are conducted entirely in English.

Saturday program


In FUNDAY, children are surrounded by a highly qualified teaching team of specialists in English, arts and sports with vast experience in working with children.

Meet our team!

Konstantin Spasov

Funday and Funday Summer Adventure Programs Manager

Dayana Gotova

Funday Academic Activities Department Manager


Rob was born in London and spent most of his life in West England. He has been involved in restaurant management for many years, after which he devoted to working with children and it is his greatest passion to this day. He has lived in Bulgaria for two years now and this is his second home.


Born in the USA, she has an incredible talent for working with children, helping her organize engrossing classes, and children are immersed in the world of music and alternative musical instruments.


Born in England, Melissa has extensive experience in working with people of different ages and finds the challenge to work with children a true inspiration.


She came to Bulgaria to study medicine at the Medical Academy. After graduation she wanted to join ‘Doctors Without Borders’. Her other great passion is working with children. For Sonia, this passion has become a long-standing practice as an English teacher specializing in working with children of all ages.

Nikolay Tahtadzhiev

Responsible for all sport activities and interesting and untraditional sports such as fencing, baseball, lacrosse, horseback riding, badminton, climbing, mini golf and others.

Mila Artamontseva

Funday Art Workshops Manager. Art workshops develop the imagination and skill of children in various and interesting techniques and activities.

For any questions or advice, please contact us by email or phone. Out team is at your disposal. Your opinion is important for us!

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Topics of the week

Within the topics, carefully selected every week, children enrich their knowledge of the world, learn new vocabulary and advance imperceptibly in English.

Topic of The Week

Sea Creatures


Musical Instruments


Wild Animals


Birds around the World




Natural Phenomenons


Solar System


The Biggest Discoveries


Cultural Heritage of UNESCO


My Family


Christmas around the World


Christmas party




New York






St Valentines day


Healthy eating


Guinness Records


Baba Marta


Culinary Adventures – party with parents


Farm Animals


Saving the Environment


The Human body


Good Manners


Seven wonders of the world


Easter Around the world


The Royal Family


The Seven Continents




Exotic Fruits


01 June – party for the kids


Vegetable garden


Our FUNtastic parties

– Santa is here – Christmas party
– Culinary Adventures – party with parents
– 01 June – party for the kids


Subscription price:
270 BGN

  • Early booking – until 14.09.2018 – 10%
  • For two and more children in a family – 10%
  • If you pay for the whole year until 06.10.2018 you pay for 3 and receive 4 subscriptions – use 32 Saturdays for the price of 24.
  • All children registered for the whole year participate in a lottery for 1 FREE week in FUNDAY SUMMER ADVENTURE 2019.

* Discounts are valid, if the full amount is paid within the specified deadlines.
** Discounts cannot be combined!

  • Connector.

    6 Saturdays from 10:00 to 15:00

  • Connector.

    5 lessons in English

  • Connector.

    Consumables, school aids and materials for work in the workshops

  • Connector.

    Hot lunch

  • Connector.

    Souvenir gift

Special discounts for those who participated in our summer program – FUNDAY SUMMER ADVENTURE

Join Our Campaign Pass Forward – 10% Discount

All children participating in FUNDAY SUMMER ADVENTURE for a period of 4 and 5 weeks will receive 10 Saturday visits at the price of 8.
All children participating in FUNDAY SUMMER ADVENTURE for a period of 6 weeks or more will receive 12 Saturday visits at the price of 8.

*Discounts are valid, if subscription is made until 14.09.2018.

In order to make a booking for your child, you need to fill in our registration form. You can ask additional questions via the form created in Contacts.

Enrolment is on a subscription basis for 8 Saturdays in 3 consecutive months. The exact dates need to be fixed when signing the contract.

Information about our partnership program and special discounts for groups, schools and kindergartens can be found at: funday@espa.bg


To request a subscription package to visit FUNDAY in 2017 and 2018, you need to fill in the registration form below. Your registration will serve to book a place. We will contact you for confirmation.

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On the basis of fill-in registrations, age groups are formed and the necessary organization is created for the success of the day. We can guarantee the inclusion of your child, if the registration is made at least 24 hours before the first visit.


23 Gradina str., Sofia 1616, Bulgaria


+359 899 900 705

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